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Osram Launched a New Led Product Series for Plant Lighting

 Recently, Ames OSRAM announced the launch of a new plant lighting OSLON ® Optimal LED product series, which is based on the latest Amos OSRAM 1mm ² chip which integrates high efficiency, reliability and high cost performance.
At present, the new OSLON ® Optimal LED has released two products, deep red (660nm) and far red (730nm). It is expected that deep blue (450nm) and Horti white will be launched in the third quarter of 2022.
It is reported that OSLON ® Optimal LED series is only 3.0mm x 3.0mm size, which is especially suitable for plant lighting equipment used in vertical farms and high-density greenhouses. These scenes usually require intensive use of LED. For these applications, it is crucial to balance efficiency (photosynthetic photon flux per watt, ppf/w) with low cost (photosynthetic photon flux per dollar, ppf/$).

In addition to high cost performance, OSLON ® Optimal led also has excellent stability, high reliability and excellent service life.
New products based on OSLON ® Square 2mm ² LED product series which use the same advanced InGaAlP film chip technology, leading the high-performance LED market for plant lighting. This technology enables OSLON ® Optimal LED to handle high driving current and high working temperature, minimize photon flux decay and maintain excellent long working life. The product is packaged with 3030 high-power ceramics, which has strong corrosion resistance and can effectively resist the harsh growing environment.
In addition, OSLON ® Optimal led adopts a new and larger spherical lens, which can generate a 120 ° wide beam angle, provide even light distribution for crops, and prevent light from gathering under the lamp to form a "hot spot".
Renil P. Singh, director of product portfolio management at Ames OSRAM, said that the new product line offered more ppf/$ and ppf/w than OSLON ® SSL plant lighting LED, while pads  are compatible with OSLON ® SSL and OSLON ® Square LED series. This new LED has good performance, high reliability and long service life, which is worthy of the trust of plant lighting equipment manufacturers and growers. (source: Lanhai Bright)

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