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UK LED Vertical Farms Expend Production to Contribute to the Fight Against COVID-19

 LettUs Grow, a UK based hydroponics grower and system supplier, said it was speeding up the construction of two new indoor areas on its plant workshop to grow fruits and vegetables for local food charities. In view of the current slow down trend of COVID-19, the company expects to complete one of the farming areas in April and speed up the preparation of the other area by June.

The original intention of LettUs Grow is to hope that anyone around the world can plant fresh agricultural products near consumption points. At the peak of the epidemic, the supply chain is broken. The company believes that it is time to speed up the pace to provide assistance. Therefore, LettUs Grow uses LED lights and its Ostara software to monitor and control plant growth in the room. The hydrophyte system uses a piece of cloth to support plants and let the roots of plants hang in the fog to absorb nutrients. The company's hydrophyte system can also use natural sunlight to maximize energy efficiency.


The photoelectric Association pointed out that lettus grow's modular hydroponics farm is a standardized growth area system with climate control, which can be easily deployed to any underutilized indoor space. A complete set of vertical farming system can be used everywhere from cities to deserts with the expansion of demand. The system features temperature controlled growth room, automatic drainage, surface cleaning, no nozzle, food safety and UV resistance, and integrated LED plant lamp.


Lettus grow pointed out that since most of the operations of the farm are automated, only one person is required to operate on site at any given time, so the labor burden can be reduced. The plants are also produced in a highly caring environment. Once put into operation, these farms will be able to provide a stable, predictable and climate adaptive food supply to local communities throughout the year.


As the global coronavirus epidemic has brought challenges to the supply chain, vertical farms can help alleviate the potential food shortage, help some countries that rely on the import of agricultural products ease the pressure and fight the epidemic. (source: CTimes)

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